Unnatural Selection

Suppose that not all milk cartons might have been created equal in terms of, for instance, the quality, composition or safety of their contents. Suppose that some targeted individuals might typically buy many different types of milk in many different locations, thus potentially, at the minimum, implicating potentially the entire alleged or self-declared “government” or local power structure in ongoing “milk”-mediated crimes or human rights violations, if not also to some degree averaging out the deliberate impurities or tamperings in different types of milk obtained from different locations. How might the Cabal nonetheless ensure that specific milk cartons from a specific location end up in the refrigerator of a targeted individual’s family?

A targeted individual who – in addition to cabalists in sufficiently totalitarian alleged or self-declared “jurisdictions” – is aware that there is currently no milk in the fridge might, for instance, ask another family member twice whether any grocery shopping might be currently needed. Within a few minutes after being answered in the negative twice, the targeted individual’s family member might go to the local supermarket – NaGaYa (桜田店) in Usami, Ito city, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan – which has been selling clearly defective or deliberately tampered products in the past with the full knowledge and effective – if not also formal – approval of the local alleged or self-declared “authorities” (see e.g. https://academism.wordpress.com/2017/07/12/potatoes/ As individuals who have some elementary familiarity with Japan or long-time readers of my blogs might be aware of, such complicit, criminal, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist or cultist alleged or self-declared local “authorities” in Japan include, at the minimum, the “Metropolitan” or “national authorities” in Tokyo as well as the “local authorities” in parts or all of Kanagawa, Shizuoka and Chiba prefectures.) The supermarket might have discounted at least the following three milk cartons bought on August 9, 2017 at least 10 days before the stated expiry date to induce a victim of blatant mind control to select them (Although it might not be technically necessary to make a person who can be externally controlled to select discounted products, it is also quite possible to exercise external control over a person’s alleged preferences and ability to comprehend what is going on rather than using external control for the selection of a seemingly random but in fact externally determined assortment of products. It is thus in theory quite possible that any potential replacements for discounted milk cartons obtained from supermarkets selling deliberately suboptimal, defective or tampered products could also be unhealthier, more dangerous or of even lower quality than any specific discounted tampered products.)

170810 001

Snow Brand Milk was still in the news at the time of my first arrival in Japan in September 2001 due to a food poisoning epidemic caused, according to some reports, by a “valve [that] was contaminated with at least two types of toxin-producing bacteria, identified as staphylococcus aureus and cereus” (http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2000/07/09/national/snow-brand-scandal-grows). One of the lecturers in a Human Resources Training Programme organized by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation in Tokyo in November 2001 – Noriko Hama who currently appears to be receiving an income from Doshisha University – described the cause of the epidemic perhaps more accurately and/or comprehensively as “strange substances” in the milk. The criminals, terrorists, conspirators, cartelists or cultists at Snow Brand Milk and the alleged or self-declared “authorities” in Japan were allowed to continue in “business” – essentially running criminal, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist or cultist killing machines under the disguise of making maximum profits in whatever it is that the “business” in question is supposed to do rather than having to go through the potential inconvenience or inefficiency of first having to make the maximum profits legally and then recycling some of the profits to other criminal, terrorist, conspiratorial, cartelist or cultist organizations to marginalize and eventually exterminate targeted individuals.

Another expat who was based in Tokyo at that time apparently studied tainted or tampered milk in Japan in more detail. The individual’s response to my question on whether Snow Brand Milk was a subject of the study was – in the terminology of the battleship game – “hit and sank” –  in other words, on target to an extent sufficient to eliminate the target. Several times when I have been walking from the center of Ito city to Usami along the coastline or spent time in a location where the sea is visible during times when liquid consumption might have been a somewhat less important or urgent issue there has been what might have appeared to be a navy ship or some other manifestation of “land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential” which, according to the Article 9 of the Japanese constitution (http://japan.kantei.go.jp/constitution_and_government_of_japan/constitution_e.html) “will never be maintained” close to Ito/Usami on the sea. For an independent researcher interested in, among other things, the nature or possibility of “law” as an “academic” discipline or “professional” field, it might have been dishonest not to ask the question who or what – if anyone or anything – might be willing and able to, for instance, enforce Japan’s constitution by “hitting and sinking” a ship close to the coastline which few individuals along the coast might have been unaware of or otherwise reconcile apparent violations with the letter and spirit of the constitution by, for instance, extending an alleged “self-defense” exception in any and all alleged or self-declared “legislation” in Japan to everyone, allowing, for instance, non-discriminatorily and non-racistically every individual who might be physically present in the territory claimed by Japan to possess  “land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential” – including but not limited to weapons, tanks, missiles, airplanes, ships and nuclear bombs or a capacity build nuclear bombs with a short notice – exclusively for the purpose of self-defense against, among other things, torturous and murderous alleged or self-declared natives. As a cabalist bastardization of the aforementioned question, it would hardly be surprising if the Cabal attempted to “hit” and “sink” – within some period of time if not instantaneously following the consumption of any specific tampered product – non-cabalists or anti-cabalists with products which might have some conceptual connection to “hitting and sinking”.

One of the Cabal’s implicit – if not in some cases also relatively openly stated – objectives might be the elimination of all forms of life which are not willing and able to adapt to any and all artificially created changes in environmental conditions. If, for instance, it turned out that some individuals who might insist on enforcing relatively explicitly stated letter and spirit of any given alleged or self-declared “nation’s” “constitution” or “law” are still alive, such individuals might be deprived of employment opportunities and subjected to ongoing violence through all available means until their eventual extermination. The reasons for such potential extermination might not necessarily have anything to do with the Cabal being dogmatically against the current letter and spirit of the relevant “constitution” or “law” – that might, after all, be an unchanging, non-evolving or essentialist position which the Cabal might be precisely trying to eliminate from the world – but simply the fact that unchanging adherence to any fixed standards of morality or truth interfere with the Cabal’s power to create a perfectly malleable, changeable or “evolving” humanity which is willing and able to recognize as alleged truths or moral certainties whatever the Cabal might promote as such at any given point in time. In evolutionary terms, once the alleged or self-declared leader(s) of, say, a group of monkeys discover(s) that a specific monkey – for the sake of the argument, the group’s strongest, most productive, intelligent and in every other conceivable way objectively the best – had some moral qualms about stealing its food from others and letting potentially the second-strongest or in all conceivable ways the second-best monkeys with similar moral reservations to starve to death, the leader(s) might temporarily require every monkey that wishes to survive to steal their food from other monkeys not to maximize productivity or the common good, but simply to eliminate those monkeys which are not willing to do whatever it is that the leader(s) might decide at any given point in time to be necessary for survival. If some monkeys refused to serve their alleged or self-declared leader(s) at, for instance, specific times, locations or through specific means, the entire “industrial” structure of monkeys might be modified, potentially at a significant group- or species-wide cost, to focus on precisely those times, locations or means of activity to acquire or distribute resources within the group which would ultimately eliminate those monkeys which would have time-, location- or means-based restrictions on their willingness to serve their alleged or self-declared leader(s) irrespective of their overall productivity for the group as a whole. If some monkeys refused to mimic their alleged or self-declared leader(s) and agree to vicarious distribution of resources and punishments based on their alleged or self-declared leader’s or leaders’ actions, the offending monkeys might be accused of, for instance, unsociability, selfishness, arrogance (as it presumably is the group as a whole which has the right to eliminate or abuse other groups or species rather than any specific individual within the group allegedly doing so by, for instance, demanding consistent group- or species-wide rules or productivity-based or egalitarian allocation of resources) or incapability of working as a “group” or “team” and once again be eliminated. Such vicarious distribution of resources and punishments might involve, for instance, the best resources or food supply of the day going to the hairiest monkey on a day when their alleged or self-declared leader(s) is/are particularly attentive to its/their hair, the Smartest Monkey of the Year-prize going to a bald monkey on a day when their alleged or self-declared leader(s) has/have shaved its/their hair or a monkey whose appearance or voice might most closely resemble the appearance or voice of a gorilla being beaten up by all the other monkeys in the group on a day when a gorilla might have threatened the alleged or self-declared leader(s) of the group.

Although the individuals to be eliminated by the Cabal may thus up to a certain point not be exclusively Christians, ultimately Christianity may well be not only the Cabal’s main, but also the only remaining target for elimination, largely – if not entirely – through means which aim to bastardize Christianity. Particularly the latter observation may have received insufficient attention among both Christians and non-Christians. It is not only Christians who know that free, uncoerced, independently and privately formed personal faith in Jesus is the only way to salvation. The Cabal knows it as well and continuously performs or confirms the exclusive truth of Christianity by bastardizing what the Cabal itself also knows to be the exclusive truth of Christianity. At some point in time the lives of most surviving humans – or monkeys, for that matter – may be essentially determined by or in reference to Christianity – the Cabal’s efforts to bastardize Christianity as the exclusive truth through all conceivable means – while most of the surviving individuals themselves might continue to deny what they might well have become aware of – the Cabal’s subordination to the Christian God as the Bible tells and Christianity’s position as the only way to salvation in contrast to all other actual, alleged or conceivable religions, worldviews, truth claims or bastardizations of Christianity as the exclusive truth – merely to stay alive. In other words, it might well be dishonest, if not an outright bastardization of genuine Christianity, not to point out that many – if not most – genuine Christians may have died long ago and anyone who might still have the independent will and ability to convert to genuine Christianity might be eliminated relatively soon after such a decision.

If the objective is to save souls rather than, for instance, merely fill up “churches” with whatever content – however non-Christian or un-Christian – the time to recognize that many – if not most or all – people may not have the required personal autonomy to convert to genuine Christianity and those who might still be willing and able to do so may well face immediate and potentially murderous persecution might well have been long ago. This may well still be an appropriate starting point for or a part of missionary efforts. Anything less than explicitly stating that genuine Christianity may have been largely eliminated through, among other things, mind-reading, -modeling, -influencing or -control or remote torture or assassination technologies may simply constitute a cabalist bastardization of genuine Christianity. Once such statements are, however, made as widely as possible, the remaining genuine Christians might, at the minimum, have identified one potential way to recognize each other, if not also forced the Cabal and its apologists to openly acknowledge and remedy what they have known all along and thus potentially made autonomous humanness and genuine Christianity feasible once again.


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